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98+ exhaust on pre 98

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  • 98+ exhaust on pre 98

    i have a 94 kat 600 with dual cobra f1r's and its mind numbingly loud i wanted to go back to a stock exhaust but hate the look of duals now my question is to use a 98+ stock exhaust what do i need ? other then the exhaust and oil pan ? do i need a diffrent pump chop anything off will i need a rejetting


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    Besides the oil pan clearance issue the stock 98+ can/slip-on mounting point doesn't line up with the pre98 mounting point. It's about 2 inches off so some sort of bracket needs to be made. If your bike has the stock jetting it will work fine with the 98+ exhaust.
    '92 Kat restoration/mod project


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      so an oil pan and stock exhaust... sweet as for the mis lined bracket think it would be possable to just cut bend weld the mid pipe to move it in to postion ? how far is thte bracket off does the exhaust go to high too low to far back etc... thanks for the response though