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clutch worm gear issues

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  • clutch worm gear issues

    hey I took the clutch worm gear off of the trans cover a long time ago. I know how it goes back in, but I don't know how it went exactly. What angles it was at and the tension on the spring and how the cable connects. Help. Thank you
    P.S. 95 Katana 600

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    I don't have the answer, but you might be able to find it by checking the parts fiche diagrams at -- look at a '97 Suzuki Katana 600, which shares the same transmission/clutch arrangement.

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      I'll try & shoot you a photo of one here................

      but looking at the back of the sprocket cover, it goes in so teh clip for the clutch cable goes towars the hole, about 90 degrees away, and the spring goes about 180 degrees off the incoming clutch cable hole to a hole in teh case. BTW............the worm gear only goes in ONE WAY, although the bolts will let you stick it in 180 degrees off and you'll barely know it. Watch how it lays in the slot........and check to see if it lines up with the opening AND it's flush at the bottom.
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