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  • Oil leak

    I have a problem with the kat. I have an oil leak from the engine cover on the left side of the bike. The reason it leaks is because there is a small crack on the inside of the cover. Now, I tried to fix it temporarily until I am able to afford a new cover. What I did was put some of the high temp liquid steel on there and that did nothing for me. It started leaking a day later. is there anything that I can do that will fix it at least for another two weeks until I can replace the cover with a new one?

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    y'know, as much as they say Harley's are known for their oil leaks, I seem to see alot more ppl post on here regarding that than I have had to deal with (I've only e'er had one problem in the 4yrs I've had my hog). so to all you ppl who said anything like that about harleys!

    and sorry Kaliente, I can not add anything constructive to this thread. have you tried putting duct tape o'er it?! (disclaimer: duct tape is my solution for e' don't take my suggestion seriously!)
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      Try taking the cover off, cleaning it real good with a non petroleum based degreaser and using JB Weld on it (inside and out). I had to do this and as long as you dont tear the gasket too badly and use high temp form-a-gasket on it, it should seal.

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        you're talking to the JB Kwik king here ! I JB'd BOTH side engine covers , and my oil pan , and they stayed oil-tight for almost 2 years ! Gotta de-grease the surface REALLY good first (brake cleaner works very nicely for this) , then JB it . Mine was ready to use as soon as I bolted them back up . We fixed a friend's bike during a camping trip last spring the same wasy . A minor tip-over on some gravel road punched a hole in his ignition cover . As far as I know , it's still holding . I imagine I would've heard about it otherwise ! Pick up some JB Kwik and some Brake-Kleen and try it again . Make sure you clean off the Brake-Kleen REALLY well though , cause that stuff will EAT oil !
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          Thanks to all of those who replied. I'll try the JB stuff and see if it works. Oh, ontop of the oil leak, I now have a flat rear tire and the bike is left at work for the time being.

          As for the harley guy, the reason it has a leak in it is because my cousins friend dropped the bike while it was in my cousins hold. He let the guy ride it even when I specifically told him not to let him ride it. So dude drops it and makes a nice sized crack in it.


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            I think the guy that dropped it should be paying to have it fixed. I know I would make him fix it.


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              Well, I didn't really know the guy and my cousin said he would pay for it since he let the guy borrow it. Unfortunately for me, my cousin is no longer here with us. he is now in juvenile. (long unrelated story)


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                Oh ok. Feel your pain. My wife's brother who is old enough to know better has been in and out since age 15. That is a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGG story there.