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triple trees?

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  • triple trees?

    can any of you tell me how the hell do i get the triple trees off? my problem is i cant separate the ignition(where you insert your keys) from the triples. any tips? thanks for the help
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    There is a disconnect underneath the tank. After you disconnect the ignition you will be able to remove the triple tree. So follow the ignition wires down to where it connects.


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      yeah what Highsight said. If you want to remove the ignition, it takes a special socket (I crammed a regular one on and it worked.

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        Well, even though the guys above were trying, I think you want to take the ignition OFF the top tree, eh?

        On the early Kats, these were installed with a break off bolt that spun in and broke off the head when it bottomed out. I've had dozens of them can try & punch a slot into the head that's left, but I normally just drill the thing out. Drill only down to the top tree, then stop.

        If you screw things up too badly, I've got lots of spares! 8)

        The 98+ Kats have a security socket head bolt. I had to buy one of those a long time ago!
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          Yeah that 98+ bolt sucks. Not to mention it was an odd metric size.


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            Special K is totally right. The install bolts are called shear head bolts. they are a torx style blot that tightens to a specific torque and then breaks off. The best way to remove them is to take a center punch and a hammer and try and knock the bolt counter clockwise. If your gonna replace the top tree then take a chisle and break the tree back until you can get a pair of vice grips on the bolts. otherwise its a center punch.
            Hope that helps.


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              The one I have was cut.. what I mean is that the triple has a 1-1 1/2 slot cut into it to cut a slot in the bolt head.. then use a slotted screw driver to remove the ignition switch.
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