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  • mileage

    hi there.

    I am thinking to buy a 750 katana 92 in very good condition but the mileage is a bit high, 40 k miles

    i am not new to motorcycles, so i can figure the bike is very well maintenanted.

    so , how bad is 40k?The bike however runs perfectly, no vibes, no smoke, she is very smooth.

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    thats not a lot of miles...the engine will last if it has been taken care of...good luck


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      40k is a bit high but one of the things that many Kat owners including myself love about these bikes is that the motors are virtually bulletproof.
      I can't tell you if it is a good deal or not without knowing the asking price but mileage really not an issue. What will be an issue and needs to be checked is the transmission. Kats that have been abused are notorious for losing second gear. So if it's not smoking or making any unusual noises, rides smooth, shifts smooth and doesn't pop out of gear when you get on it your probably going to be fine.
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        thanks for the replies

        I live in athens, greece, and the bikes have different prices here.However the katana(GSXF for us) is cheep because it is not popular in greece

        There is a little difficult when change from first to second or second to first.This change is not easy as the is stuck a little bit, and i cant find the neutral easy.the rest of the ride is O.K

        The bike has new tires, wheel bearings, steering stem bearings, needles, brake pads, steel brake lines, and it sheems that the owner has good care

        any tip to check the second gear in the next test ride?


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          From my understanding, when they start to go it will pop out of gear when you go into second and get on the gas.

          Having a hard time shifting from 1-N-2 could be a shift fork with a slight bend or wear to it (40k) but is more commonly an oil issue because the trans and engine use a common fluid source. Check the oil level and age. Most people try to take the cheap way out and use automotive oil. It's more expensive but they make motorcycle specific oils for a reason and shift smoothness is one of them.
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            also it could be the clutch cable, i had major difficulties on my 04 kat when th clutch cable had gotten real loose. i could not get it in neutral to save my life. once the clutch was properly adjusted and fixed it is easy to change into gears and into neutral.
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