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  • rev is sticking

    Hi - I just cleaned my carbs for the 3rd time to try and get my bike to idle beautifully. I reassembled it - did the bench synch and took it for a ride so I could set the idle and actually synch the carbs. The bike ran amazing, the most smooth my throttle has ever been at all ranges. Didn't really idle since I basically brought the adjuster all the way out after I bench synched it. Got home, parked her in the garage turned it on and dialed the idle up a bit. It purred at 1500 rpm for about a minute with barely a waver. So damn excited I wanted to take her out, carb synch be damned, and took off down the alley. Blip the throttle and she sits at 3k and wont come down. down the street I rev it and it slowly slowly slowly falls back to about 2k. Aimed for a hiway to fix it with High rpms and found that if I give it some manly throttle 8-9k a few times the revs come back down like they should. Only once or twice then it goes back to hanging up. I went home to synch the carbs (maybe that was my problem) but the pig wont even idle at 2k any more.

    TLR It idles well, when I rev it falls slowly (most the time but not always). stays at 2200 rpm for a while - then drops to normal idle. Didn't have this problem till I gave the idle adjuster about 1.5 turns (started at zero)

    Please tell me to clean the carbs, I so want to do it a 4th time this week

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    Running lean.
    Must read for carb tuners......


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        That is quite possibly the most awesome reply ever. I can fix this by turning in the A/F screws 1/4 turn in?

        Edit: I am getting conflicting info from carbs 101 and kevin205020503's carb tuning link (which agrees with a kreylyn post from earlier).

        UNscrewing the a/f screws will richen whereas screwing IN will lean it out more?
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          Actually you are backwards, out is rich, in is lean. Did you check by spraying carb cleaner on the rubber boots to see if it changed the idle? Or any other rubber part.
          Must read for carb tuners......


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            Yeah, I was just reading about it and editing my post and saw you said that. I hosed all the rubbers down with WD, not carb cleaner, and there didn't appear to be any leaks. I was angered by my umpteenth carb cleaning so this last one was pretty much surgically sterile. I even put in brand new in-line fuel filters. Fresh gas and the plugs only have 250 miles on them. I pulled em yesterday and it looked lean so I screwed IN the a/f screws. I think that may have been my problem all along. I have been fixing a lean running problem by making it leaner.

            Someone might want to check the carbs101 on the wiki - "(More air = more turns out!)"that to me says leaner. It might be a typo or I might just be tired and frustrated and not understanding the English language.


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              What gave you the idea to use in line fuel filters? DO NOT DO THAT.


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                Inline fuel filters are best left to pressurized fuel systems.
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                  Originally posted by arsenic View Post
                  What gave you the idea to use in line fuel filters? DO NOT DO THAT.
                  doesnt the manual call for them? i know my posts does, and mine has one(posts only have one feed line)


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                    When I got the bike it had in-line fuel filters. The first time I cleaned the carbs I found out that one of the lines had a large crack. I replaced it with just normal fuel line. But last week it got crap in the carbs so I redid the lines with filters to prevent getting garbage in them.


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                      No, they manual does not call for them. Posts have an in line filter. Pre's do not. If you got crap in your carbs, you got crap in your fuel tank. Clean it.


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                        I will do that. I cleaned it when I brought it back from the dead but all was throw in some nits and bolts and some soapy water and sloshed it for a while. Then a rinse job. I got a kreem kit around here somewhere I think.


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                          Kreem sucks. Use THIS


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                            2.5 turns out and SYNC those carbs.

                            If not in sync, you can get the idle iregularities because one or more of the butterflies may be letting too much air past, leaning out that carb(s).

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                              Yeah, I was going to synch it but the idle kept moving. It would sit at 2200 for 30s then back down to 1500 for 30s. I couldn't keep it in one spot to actually synch them. I am going to clean the tank then remove the filters. I am hoping that is my problem. It ran fine before the filters and it certainly never acted like this before.

                              P.S. thanks for the recommendation Krey- I have a kreem system at my disposal (roommate bought it mistakenly for his magna) and I'm kind of on a budget. Living off of military disability/retirement while going to school - an extra $40 is rough If it's not a necessity.