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Couple Questions

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  • Couple Questions

    1) would the rotors, sprocket, rim, tire from a 600 kat work on my 89 750 this is my parts bike im tlaking about ...

    and anyother parts interchangeable carbs or swing arm? thanks

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    The carbs are not swappable. The 750 draws in much more fuel & air than the 600.

    Depending on which year's 600, many of the parts are swappable. If you change the wheel/rotor/sprocket, take the rear caliper as well.

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      alright i asked the local bike guy today he said the brakes are the same and i will need to do the brakes some time next year in the summer they are all groved but im in no rush because its the rear brake and i have the fronts that are still 90% the bike is an 89 i think so could i saw swingarm tire?


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        Hey duff just so you know the rotors off of 98-99 will fit the front but not the rear rotor. The front ones are a direct bolt on and the rear rotor would require you to have the 98 rear rim. Differnt bolt pattern on the rear. Just some ideas for you.


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          ok well i picket up the bike on saturday and i got lots of stuff to take off of it def taking the brakes unless somone ones the fronts ...and i got the rear tire rotors and caliper