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600 vs. 750? Engine Mod Help, 1/4 times, HP output?

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  • 600 vs. 750? Engine Mod Help, 1/4 times, HP output?

    Alright, here we go. My first question is concerning the 600 vs. 750. I currently own a 2002 Katana 600. I like it, but I need more power. As my pic would suggest I spend a lot of time on a dirt bike. My YZ250 has extensive engine modifications and is a handful in any gear. I equate this to fun in any gear. However, although I love the handling and comfort of my Katana, I find the engine performance somewhat boring when compared to my YZ.

    So, I come to the question...Is the 750 a good bump in power? I saw the threads about engine swapping. It would seem cheaper to buy a 750 and slam into my bike rather than waste a bunch of money on exhaust and other mods...if the HP is really that much better. I have not yet had a chance to ride a 750.

    2nd question. Are there parts out there capable of allowing my 600 to reach around 90 HP without both breaking the bank or the reliablity? I have installed a K&N jet kit and air filter. I noticed a difference, not dramatic, but better than stock. Are there cams and big bore kits available? If so where? I don't want to get rid of my Katana. It's way too comfortable!! I just want some good ponies without having to deal with the, what seems like, troublesome task of making a 1200 Bandit engine fit. more. What's the HP output of a 750 vs. 600 with and without mods?

    I know this is a long thread, but I know I can't be the only guy wondering about this stuff!

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    Re: 600 vs. 750? Engine Mod Help, 1/4 times, HP output?

    yes, the katana 600 does feel boring for its weight and lack of power

    you gonna need lot of mods to get 90hp from kat600 (if you mean rwhp)

    hp output, 600 has 70 rwhp, 750 has low 80

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      forgot the 1/4 time

      the best time by stock 600 was mid~low 12s

      the best time by stock 750 was mid 11s


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        My recommendation.... for what it's worth...

        .. if it's comfort you want , keep the Kat.

        .. if it's highend performance you want, buy another bike.

        You can't have both.

        Don't waste tons of $$$ modding the Kat to get an extra 10HP. Trade the Kat in and use all that mod $$$ on a more powerful bike.

        Just my opinion.


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          I agree with Junior, Spend the money on an SS if you are looking for more HP, even on a 750 you will need to do some serious modding to break 100 RWHP
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            T4! I got ya. Please, don't anybody get me wrong. I love the bike, I really don't want to get rid of it. I just need to know it's potential. I really appreciate all the replies so far. Now, the HP ratings above "600=70 and 750=low 80's," are those RWHP ratings?

            As we all know...even though it might take a lot of $ to make the Kat realy scream...but, who doesn't love a sleeper!

            BUT!!! I guess I should heed the words written above..."U can't have UR cake and eat it too!"

            Thanks again...please don't quit adding more info!


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              Unless you did something like Special K. If I had the dust I would love to have that Kat with the bandit 1200 in it
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                Originally posted by puncher25
                600=70 and 750=low 80's," are those RWHP ratings?

                yeah, rwhp

                thats probably the best numbers for stocks
                some may be dyno'd lower than that


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                  Originally posted by 300
                  Originally posted by puncher25
                  600=70 and 750=low 80's," are those RWHP ratings?

                  yeah, rwhp

                  thats probably the best numbers for stocks
                  some may be dyno'd lower than that


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                    puncher25 Posted: Thu Nov 18, 2004 8:35 am Post subject: 600 vs. 750? Engine Mod Help, 1/4 times, HP output?
                    I think I can help here. I've owned both the same year 600 and 750 kats. The 600 was toooo slow and only weighed about 10 Lbs less than the 750. The 750 I have now had better topend stock compared to the 600. I've since added a slip-on, jet kit (dynojet stage 1), ign advancer, +3 on the rear sprocket, and a K&N filter. The bike was dyno'ed at 88HP after mods. Conclusion: 10 out of 10 for ride and style, 8 out of 10 for handling, and 7.5 out of 10 for performance (on my scale). No telling what the 750 will put out if GSX-R cams, 813 pistons and a full exhaust system were added to my bike.

                    IF it's HP and torque you're looking for go with the 1200 engine in the 600 frame PROVIDED you like doing that type of work BECAUSE is will cost $$$$ for someone to do it for you + parts (ask Special K). IF its HP, handling and torque and you don't know who to install the new stuff on your own buy a sport bike not a sport/touring bike like the Katana.

                    Don't get me wrong because I love my 750 Katana; I only wish it were 40 Lbs lighter and had 100HP stock.

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                      my 89 750 does a 1/4 in 12.4 should be lower then that but thats what i can get


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                        Sweetness. I appreciate all the help! I'll keep u updated with what happens.


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                          change the gearing. add to the rear or drop 1 up front - or both.



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                            I think the real question is where do you want the extra grunt? If you want more zip off the line and aren't worried about capping your top end off around 100 mph, a simple sprocket change (both) will net you exactly what you're looking for. If you're looking for real world top-gear roll-on power, or want a better top-end, go for bigger displacement engines.

                            What Junior said about ROI (return on investment) is very, very true. If you look at the cost difference between a three year old Kat 600 and Kat 750, it's about $600. That's cheaper than a full aftermarket exhaust from end-to-end and will net you better torque and better HP than the exhaust mod could.

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                              stuff the 1100 engine in it. its 130hp