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brake and clutch levers

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    Originally posted by cintidude04 View Post
    not meaning to sound like a d*ck, but it didnt seem like you had a problem sounding like one.
    I dont

    I also dont support buying cheap chinese crap when the real thing is just as accessible and actually has a manufacturer to stand behin dtheir product.

    Not to mention that the chinese levers are a direct knockoff of the pazzo design, same as those crappy fake Brembo parts that come out of Malaysia.

    Some of us spent a lot of money on our bikes, and refuse to cheap out on essential parts. Dont get mad at me because you like crappy parts
    90% of motorcycle forum members do not have a service manual for their bike.

    Originally posted by Badfaerie
    I love how the most ignorant people I have met are the ones that fling the word "ignorant" around like it's an insult, or poo. Maybe they think it means poo
    Originally posted by soulless kaos
    but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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      no kidding alot of us have spent alot of money on our bikes. but I prefer to spend the majority of that money in more high priority areas such as tires brakes and things that it actually matters if your running a 200$ top ofthe line or a 35$ knock off. I have no problem with what your saying and one day when my kat is most the way done an I have some extra spending cash that Im not spending on more important parts than I may just pm you sometime for a link o those levers. but until that time I just need something a little better than the broken stock ones I have held together with a ziptie

      PS- I dont like crappy parts but Ill make do if I need too until I can afford better because Id rather ride my bike with a bunch of quality parts and a set of crappy levers for now rather than let the bike sit until I can finally afford all high quality parts.
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        Looking for a brake lever for my 90 600. Is it only the 88 that is different on the pres? most I've found searching are 88 or 92+.


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          Zombie thread but new question!! Anyone???