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Need help with airbox - Carb!!

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  • Need help with airbox - Carb!!

    Here we are once again KR gurus..

    1993 Kat 600 stock

    I'm playing with different fuel lines/filters to see what I like.

    It's obvious to know you have a good seal when you insert the carburetor body into the intake pretty much "bottoms out" and will go no further.

    However, I can't tell if my airbox is correctly sealed against the carb body. As tight as I can get it, the top of the airbox seal is in more than the bottom portion to the carb. What are yours like?

    Can anyone get a pic of the seal between their airbox and carburetor?


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    If I was at home I could tell you. Since I am at work I can not. Try going to and look at the microfische. It may help you out until somepost a pic for you.


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      Hey kickit-

      Look at this thread.... I also have a 1993 600. I have had my airbox off many times to make adjustments, etc. This time it was a snap to do it this way.


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        Re: Need help with airbox - Carb!!

        Originally posted by kickitjp
        I'm playing with different fuel lines/filters to see what I like.
        I can't help you too much with the airbox question, I just close my eyes and hope for the best... But...

        As for the fuel line, I found that the cheap stuff at O'Reilly auto only lasts one season, so I tried some I got from a marine store. It's silver (or gray) and seems to be made of something closer to silicone than regular rubber.
        It holds up great to the heat, and won't deteriorate and end up in your filter like the black stuff. It's more resistant to kinking in a bind too.
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          Wow...all your recommendations were right on.

          Yeah, taking off the carbs make it a lot easier to get that da*! airbox in place and snug (also loosening the clamps looser )

          Oh, and PhatKat, I tried those lines and they are awesome. I was looking for lines like these that would not kink as much with extreme angles (its funny they had better fuel lines here than did my local motorcycle shop)

          Thanks all.