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Low Idle Problem '00 600

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  • Low Idle Problem '00 600

    My Kat's been idling low for the past month or so. I've cranked the idle up as far as it will go and it still falls to around 500-600 RPMs when I'm sitting at a light. My mechanic suggested that I clean up the spark plugs so I did, but I haven't seen any improvement. I know it tends to run rich and it's been jetted, so it idles a little low anyway, but it should be much closer to 1000 RPMs. I'm thinking about cleaning the carbs up, but I figured I'd ask around before spending a weekend doing that.

    Any solutions to similar situations would be appreciated.

    2000 GSX600F
    Jetted Carbs
    Yoshimura Exhaust

    everything else is stock

    Sorry...I forgot to post that I recently had a K&N Filter put on as well. I'm sure thats not causing my problem though
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    hmm than you need to adjust your pilot screws and prolly clean your carbs too
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