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  • Idle Problem

    hello everyone,
    I have a 93 katana 600 it has 17k miles. I bout the bike and it ildes with full choke but will die instantly when the choke is removed. i have worked on this issue by adjusting the throttle cable as it had tons of play. i got the bike to ilde but its rough and wants to die still. i was wondering if i keep playing arudn with the throttle cable adjustment if i can get it but it is very touchy. i can get the bike idle at aroudn 1500 rpm but when i rev the engine the rpm will hold for a second or two before droping but at the lower 1000 rough ilde it will rev up and drop smooth so i was wondering if i need to lube my throttle cable and try some carb cleaner addative in the fuel and if so what is a good brand, I am at a loss of what to do? help is greatly appreciated


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    Pull and clean the carbs, do a valve adjustment, check for vacuum leaks, synce the now clean carbs, adjust the idle, enjoy your ride...

    That would be the basics of what you need to do to start with...

    93 750 Kat

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