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Is the rear shock adjustable ??

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  • Is the rear shock adjustable ??

    Is the rear shock adjustable on a pre kat. I had someone on the back yesterday for the first time and when she got on the rear end went way down. NO JOKES She is not big. I have noticed in the past that when I am on it by myself and i hit a hard bump sometimes the rear plate hits the tire. Any ideas
    Thanks all

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    I know on 750's (don't think 600's are the same) have an adjustment for the soft/hardness of your ride. I'm not sure if or how to go about adjusting it on a 600??? I'm sure someone will comment pretty quick tho
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      For a passanger you need to crank up the spring. It is set to sag under XX weight..

      You also my want to adjust the dampening..
      But mostly it's the spring...


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        That "sof/hard" know under the seat is for damping . To adjust for a passenger , you need to adjust the spring preload . You'll want a preload adjuster to make it easier . There's a collar at the bottom of the spring with numbers on it . You turn that collar to a higher number to firm up the shock .
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          thank you