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  • best bang for the buck

    what is the best performance gain i can do to my 88 600 kat
    ive already got the best exaust money can buy soooo what would be best

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    probably a sproket change size since you seem to be vague in the questioning, except for the reference to doing it on the cheap (hence the sproket suggestion)

    ....but it really depends on what you want the bike to do --- racing, stunting....? different apps require different mods


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      General Power: Jetkit and ignition advancer.
      Acceleration off the line: Sprockets & chain, new tooth counts.
      Handling: better tires, new fork springs & racetech gold valve plus new fork oil & oil seals, Ohlin rear shock.
      Reliability: better oil, standard maintenance, possibly gas tank sealant (POR-15), new cables, rebuild brake calipers.
      Stopping: EBC HH pads, caliper rebuild with new seals.
      Comfort: Corbin or other aftermarket saddle
      Touring: Givi hard-sided luggage or equivilent.
      Ease of maintenance: Fumoto Oil Drain Valve
      Safety: Reflective safety tape in a few places.
      Beauty: Eye of the beholder. Paint, decals, powdercoating, etc.

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