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  • carbs

    after building my new motor and what not i used the same carbs as i had on before witch are off of a 89 750 kat. my list of modifications to the motor are in my profile but before i rebuilt it it was running lean and now my bike is running rich no adjustments to the carbs

    i know its better to run a bit rich then lean but i just dont understand how it would make it rich lol

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    I don't know what was wrong with your old engine, but the new one is obviously pulling more vacuum, which is drawing in a higher fueling rate. This could be as simple as closer tolerances at the valves or less pressure loss at the O-rings...

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      old one was fine not a tick or anything from it then one day i have it a nice blip to about 11grand and a rod cam out of the front of the cases
      i used the few peices i could and built the motor i have now witch is
      ive got a wildly ported and ploished head with stainless valves, titanium keepers, stock springs, gsxr750 full race cams, 1st over pistons, falcon aluminum connecting rods, and a falcon lightened balanced and polished crank. the carbs are 750 carbs i did some jetting and its close now it just seemed odd to me i thought with all the mods to the motor it would lean it out but ohwell