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  • noise

    was riding today two up with the wife when I noticed a strange noise from the tranny/chain area when the bike was accelerating under load. sort of a rattling noise. I'm hoping its the chain I'm going to inspect it tomorrow.

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    chain, mine is doing the samething especially when you add the extra load. I have known that the chain needs replaced, just haven't done it yet. But now that I am in my garage and setup to do somethings, that is one of the first on the list.
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      Bob sounds like your chain is slapping against the bottom of the swing arm. It is easy to adjust since I know the set up you have in the backyard. If you need help let me know. I can help you ONE day when I am off work. When that will be hmmm looks like next year for the KR rally.


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        I lubed the chain and the noise went away. it is loose again ( I just adjusted it a couple weeks ago) from the looks of it I need a new chain.