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mikuni BST33SS 44C00 pics or scheme

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  • mikuni BST33SS 44C00 pics or scheme

    Hi everybody

    I have some trouble with my carbs. I'm able to set my idle to 1500 but if I give a bit of gas the rpm raise to 3or 4k and won't come in idle. It takes a couple of second (15 to 25 sec) before the rpm lower to the idle. I checked almost everything (throttle cable choke clean carb needle jet) so I'm at a point where I decided to bought carbs and swapped with mine. Before doing that I would like to know If it's possible to get some pics from mikuni 44C00 because those in the service manual are not the same. I would also like to know what in the carb could be the cause. I don't have vacuum leak from the flange but it's doing the same things. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! Lol

    Thanks a lot guys

    Sorry my english is not perfect I trying hard. I'm talking french

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    I forgot to say that my bike is a 1992 (n) 600


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      valide semblable à vous devoir faire financier rigolo votre carbure. les carbure être sur financier rigolo vouloir raison ravages one idling


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        Hey no talking about me in other languages!!!!

        Sounds like classic dirty F/A needles or the F/A needle needs adjusting..


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          I checked the vacuum during the weekend and it didn't solve my problem ! Doh !!what else could it be ? Ignition advance ??


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            Originally posted by Black_peter
            Sounds like classic dirty F/A needles or the F/A needle needs adjusting..
            Or dirty pilot jets . Seen it happen .
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              Idle should be at 1200 rpm. Trun the idel adjustment screw out a bit. Also, carbs may need to be synchronized.........might be off just a tad.........
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                I already check for dirty pilot jet and I played a lot with idle screw to look if it makes difference but nothing. I think I 'll dismantle the carbs again and electrosonically clean them. I have this where I worked but I don't know what soap or solvent to use in it. Also I would like to know if somebody know where I can find the cheaper price for carb oring kit and what is in the kit. Thanks a lot