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I really need a suggestion on my carb tuning...quick!

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  • I really need a suggestion on my carb tuning...quick!

    Hey all,
    Well after taking care of a bunch of issues on my bike including a valve adjustment, I got it back together and I'm still trying to make fine adjustments on my carbs to get them just right. I'm studying that CV carb tuning site like a mofo. It's helped quite a bit but I need another view on this.
    I've got my floats set at 1mm rich, and the A/F screws out 2 1/2 turns. Engine starts up quickly, but needs throttle for a good while until it will run on it's own. During that the idle jumps all over the place. After it's warmed up usually at the first stop light it's still idling like crap. Also, the idle really hangs up for a noticeable period until coming all the way down. I haven't ruled out a vacuum leak, so I'm looking for that too. In the lower rpm's the exhaust has a much more noticeable "blat", or pop to it while it's trying to idle.
    While running, it has a flat spot at about 3k, but also at full throttle I can *barely* feel it hang up at other spots through the whole rpm range. Although the idle is crap while the engine is cooler, I do notice that it accelerates much smoother during partial throttle while it's still not completely warmed up.
    Some visible issues: I have pulled the plugs and they look normal, not wet at all and no discoloration. The necks that the carbs slip into DO have wet fuel sitting in them on the ridges.
    I've tried to be as detailed as possible, but also my inexperience shows that I cannot distinguish a dead spot in the rpm range as feeling "wet" or surging. It's all just hesitation to me. I've got just this weekend to take care of this before I gotta go back to work, so I'd appreciate any insight. This makes we want to go get a new bike just for the sake of having fuel injection.
    '01 TL1000R

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    Do your carb needles have clip positions or are they set?


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      na these are the '95 600 carbs, so they don't have clip positions.
      '01 TL1000R


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        Well , I'd think about turning the pilot screws out a bit becasue of the taking a while to warm up bit . Does it jump a bit coming back on the throttle after a turn ? I'm talking part throttle before you stand it back up . That 3000 rpm flat spot you probably read about on that site already , but maybe a little washer or 2 under your needles would make a difference (shim them) . You ever try having it dyno/EGA'd ? That'd tell you for sure where it's not quite right .
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