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Rear Suspention adjustment

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  • Rear Suspention adjustment

    I dont consider myself to be many, moe or jack but, the other day i was attempting to adjust the rear suspention with the tool that was provided by suzuki. I consider myself a faily strong man but I could not budge that thing with the supplied tool. Has anyone else had this problem? Do I need to purchase a different tool or maybe its a trick to turning it and I dont know.

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    I've had the exact same problem... it was actually starting to tear away at the metal ring where the C-spanner hooks in.

    I just gave up eventually...
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      You put on the "breaker bar" that's in the kit , right ? I tried without it ...not possible . Then I "found" this thing in there and after some though .... MUCH easier .
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        I adjusted mine with the rear wheel off the ground and a pair of huuuge channel locks. I just had to be careful what I put pressure on though. Also spraying some lube on the tabs so I could move through the big notches helped.
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          I just grabbed a bigarse pipe wrench and abused the shock for a bit.
          Worked like a charm
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            Originally posted by jay
            Originally posted by Lagmo
            I just grabbed a bigarse pipe wrench and abused the shock for a bit.
            Worked like a charm
            same here...i jacked up the bike a bit to take the load off the shock and it broke loose without much effort
            I, similarly lifted the rear end. I used a cold chisel just to nudge the lock ring loose. Then I tightened the botton ring 2 full turns with relative ease.

            BTW, I'm gonna release it one full turn.

            My prostate can't take that kind of pounding.
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              what i did was had a friend hold the bike, and i tied a rope to the tool provided and that allowed me to get enough tork to move it.


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                Put some arse in it LMAO

                it is difficult especially if you still have weight on the shock. Put it on the centerstand and use a 19mm wrench on the end of the shock tool/spanner wrench. Adjust one notch at a time until you find that right adjustment.
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