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fuel tank leak ??

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  • fuel tank leak ??


    I have a fuel tank leak. corner of the tank ( probably pin -hole size ).

    Is this repairable ?? someone recommended a "rad shop ",
    others said replacing it.

    Please give suggestions.
    Leaking as we speak.

    Brampton, ON

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    I would try and find a new tank. welding a fuel tank can be dangerous. the jb weld would work as a temporary fix.


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      Originally posted by slow50
      well, if you want to do it the redneck way you could always use jb weld, I've personally used it on crank case covers on old 4 wheelers that I've used
      Nuff said, Redneck


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        Originally posted by slow50
        By the way, how did you get a hole in your tank??
        Yeah, what made the hole? If it rusted through, get a new tank.

        find / -name "*your base*" -exec chown us:us {} \;

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          jb weld should last a good long time, much cheaper than a new tank.


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            Not sure how the leak got there, i bought the bike used. I've had it for about 3months now, and it had gas smell about 2 weeks ago, just started dripping yesterday.

            Thanks for all the tips, will post results.



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              Hey , JB Weld is WONDERFUL stuff . I've also heard about treating the tank with some kind of liner , but usually you de-rust it first ...
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                Ok, i ended up taking it to a place where they specialize in gas tanks. For cars, they can coat it and offer lifetime warranty on it.

                Anyways, they recommended to weld the area (patch ) and flush - deposits in the gas tank.
                $80 cdn.

                I found a place that had a use tank selling for $250cdn plus taxes, different color and without the petcock.

                So, i went with the $80. Gonna get a newer bike in the next 2 years or so.

                Thanks for all the help !!



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                  JB-weld it until you get hold of a used tank in good condition.

                  I would guess your hole is at the rear end of the tank, where the seat meets the tank; and that it's a rust hole - I had several in my old tank (I found a used tank in good condition on eBay for 1 = about $1.50 can)... I would beware of keeping it (even shop repaired), since the rust probably ate away a lot of the metal, so you will have more holes very soon (well before 2 years).

                  Will you get the lifetime warranty on your tank?
                  - Samuel

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                    I think they will give lifetime warranty if i went with their "coating the interior" of the tank.

                    Not sure about the welding. I will find out next week when i pick it up.



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                      For the future:

                      Coating the interior with POR-15 will eliminate the leaks and seal the inside.

                      The problem with a pin-hole leak is that if it's not accident damage, odds are that there are a bunch of other areas around the same level in the tank that are also right on the borderline of failure, and a single drop in a parking lot (or even worse - at speed) will easily puncture those spots and let a ton of fuel out.

                      IMHO: if you have a rust-through spot, replace the tank with one off ebay or buy a new one.

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                        I've used the POR15 kit on my GS700/1100 and it works like a charm.
                        '98 GSX750F