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  • High Beam Question

    My high beam fuse keeps blowing on my 98+. Is there somewhere that the cable rubs on these bikes that causes the problem? I looked at a wiring diagram, and it seems like all the wires from the front run through one harness. Would that mean the problem with the wire is most likely between the lights and the harness since all of my other fuses are fine?

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    It goes out under high speed or sometimes when hitting bumps.


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      It seems that I fixed the problem yesterday. There was a wiring harness behind the front/center part of the fairing that had one connector covered in a white substance. I'm assuming it was oxidation. I scraped it off and reconnected everything. After three different rides (intentionally hitting bumps on the first ride ), it's still working.


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        Originally posted by slow50
        now you need to put some of that electrical grease stuff on it so it doesnt oxidate again.
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          Originally posted by midqetsex
          one connector covered in a white substance.
          emory cloth to sand all of the oxidation off, electrical contact cleaner to spray it out, and then a ton of dielectric grease to make sure it doesn't come back again. And while you're at it, check the other connectors on the bike -- fouling connectors can cause all sorts of nightmares trying to diagnose problems.

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