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White Smoke When Starting

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  • White Smoke When Starting

    I've noticed white smoke coming out of my exhuast a few times when starting my Katana recently. It'll last for a few minutes...usually by the time my gear is on, the exhaust is "clear" again. So far I've only noticed it in the morning so there's a thought in the back of my mind that it's from condensation of some sort. My bike is kept outside but underneath a cover. Should this worry me? What could be causing it?

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    All right, thanks again. You've been replying quick to my topics today!

    I figured it wasn't a big deal, but at least worth asking.


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      I work 10-6EST weekdays, so I'm on here all the time as well. I don't know enough about motorcycles yet to be too much of a help though. I'm outta here for the day. I'll be back tomorrow!


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        Just condensation, i keep mine outside under a cover as well and i get white smoke everytime i've left the bike outside when it's been moderatly cold.

        Nothing to worry about 8)
        -= Har du styr på lortet, eller lort på styret? =-


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          Good, that's what I was hoping for. I've still only noticed it in the morning, so this must be the case.


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            +1 on the condensation. Me too!!!


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              +2 on the condensation. As soon as I read your post that is what came to my mind.


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                White smoke=water
                Black smoke =fuel (trust me on this one )
                Blue smoke=oil
                Yeah , outside under a tarp , most likely dew up in your junk .
                I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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