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Carb vacuum caps

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  • Carb vacuum caps

    Doing a carb sync and am having a little trouble:

    - The carb vacuum caps are in one icky location. According to trinc's write-up, he unbolts the airbox clamps and moves the airbox and carbs (as a unit) back a little, but wouldn't this detach the carbs from the engine some? I guess I'm looking for tips on how to get these guys off and back on again.

    - The Haynes manual says to remove the vacuum hose from carb #4, but mine seems to be stuck on the carb. I've tried some heavy pulling, but I'm concerned of snapping or stretching it. Would the best solution be to cut it off and get a new one?

    - I am using the Morgan CarbTune II. Does this kind of gauge need calibrating before I use it? Also, does anyone know if a 2000 Kat 750 requires the use of the adapter plugs that come with it?

    Thanks all for your help!
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    Hey bro,

    -once you remove the tank you shouldn't have any problem reaching them. Sometimes I have to use needle nose pliers to pull those tiny clamps off, but after that it's all fingers from there, unless of course you've got big pickle fingers. Also, no you don't want to detach any of the intake, this is an adustment you are making that would be affected by that.

    -I'm not aware of removing any vacuum hoses, maybe it's a post '98 or a cali thing? On mine it's just 4 vacuum caps and then the fun begins.

    -I'm not familiar with a morgan carbtune, I'm sure someone else can chime in on this one. On mine I've got 4 dial guages, and I can actually unscrew the lenses to turn a screw that realigns the faces with the needles. Also with mine it's just dial guages that have tubing with needle valves inline. It came with other extensions that I didn't need. You just slip the tubing onto where you pulled the vacuum caps.
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      the caps will be a little tuff to get off, use a needle noseor something. You want all caps or tubes off them so you can hook up the carbs to them. If you have to pull the carbs out a bit, it shouldn't effect it, they are in there by quite a bit. I did a how-to video, but I am having trouble hosting it. Maybe Cyber could hot it, I'lll check with him....
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        You will need to do as mentioned above. However, a slight twisting motion will help free the caps. Do not lose them.

        I have a Morgan and I have only the damper inserts in the lines. The hose fits directly onto the nipple. The adapter/inserts serve to smooth out the readings on the carb tune. Make sure to keep track of which hose goes where. I prefer to keep them in order 1,2,3,4 left to right so you know which screw to adjust. Make very slight adjustments and make sure to give the bike time to adjust.
        Worth noting is to remove the screwdriver from the adjustment screw so you are not inadvertantly appling pressure to the screw which would change the reading.
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