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LED turn signal/ ristor needed?

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  • LED turn signal/ ristor needed?

    i just switched my stock rear turn signals out to an LED version built into my undertail, now my turn signals are blinking 2x the regular speed, is this because i have too much current given the LED's and if so how do i go about wiring in resistors for them? there's 12 LED's total, six for each direction

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    As long as they're blinking , I don't see the problem .
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      do a quick search on the forum and you will find the info you seak grasshopper.
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        "Problem with automotive use, is that almost all of the turn signal lenses, rear, and especially front, are designed for a more round, light, so the reflective qualities of the lens construction focuses all of the light where it should be focused. With LED's, you don't get that focused effect, in essense, you only get the LEDs.

        After I got rear-ended in the Camaro, and the guy that hit me said he didn't realize my brake lights were on until it was too late, I decided it was time to go back to standard bulbs until either lenses change, or the LED bulb technology changes and has a more round construction to take advantage of current tail and front lense design"

        If you do some looking they do make some 360 degree led bulbs just for that reason. I believe kuryakyn carries them and I am sure there are others too but just do a little searching and you will find them because I have seen them before. As far as the fast blinking try switching to an "electronic" flasher. Most flashers are thermal flashers and flashing speed will vary due to a different load placed on them. There are several places you can find one but I would check with a bike parts place like dennis kirk or somebody like that, I am pretty sure they carry them but if all else fails you can always go to advance auto and pick one up....
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          HID planet

          This site has a lot of information on LEDs for automotive can find the answers there...

          The general consensus on "drop-in" or replacement LED "bulbs" is that they are crap...
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