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Someone plz help me pottytrain my domesticated male chicken!

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  • Someone plz help me pottytrain my domesticated male chicken!

    My petcock has a slight drip right where the knob stem comes out. What do I need to do to fix this? It's a '02 600. TIA!

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    sounds like one of the seals are failing. Get anew seal kit and rebuild it, or get hold of Special K. He will sell you a rebuilt one, with yours as a core.
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      (A) Check the seal between the petcock assembly and the tank. The screws may be loose and the fuel may be leaking from the connection to the tank. check to make sure you are not missing item #4 in this diagram:

      (B) If that's not it, the rubber barrier seal in the petcock would appear to have given out. Replace the gasket, or replace the petcock entirely (it's about $75 for the whole assembly).

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      fuel lines are rated for four years. If your fuel lines are older than four years (and yours would be at four years for an '02 model, probably with a build date in '01), replace them.

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        get in touch with special K, he usually stocks the rebuild kits. Its cheap and quick fix. Do it quickly because the gas will ruin the paint on your fairings
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