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another exhaust ?

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  • another exhaust ?

    i have a 99 kat with a yosh slip on.can any one tell me where i can by a header pipe to match my slip on or what headers i can use off of different bikes .iwant to increase the diameter
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    (A) Take the OEM header off, grab a dremel and some grinding attachments, grind out the weld seams. They're pretty big and restrictive. Should net you an easy extra 20% of cross-area.

    (B) Find the 98+ Kat 750 headers. Grind them just like above and mount them. Even without grinding, they should be something like 27% larger. Note that this may make the carbs, if they've never been richened up, run exceptionally lean. Works very well with the Ivan's JetKit according ot the dyno

    (C) Find a commercial aftermarket header designed for the Kats (Bandit exhausts will fit too, but are normally smaller down-tubes to retain more low-end torque). Brands who have built Kat headers include V&H, Hindle, & Yoshi, among others. KNOW THIS: with the V&H, you can no longer get the oil filter past the headers, meaning you have to drop the headers to change the oil filter. If you go this route you WILL have to change your carb jettings and jetkits are really highly recommended -- at the same time, you may not find any addiitional power depending on which jetkit you use (e.g. - Ivan's site says he found no performance difference between the OEM and aftermarket headers on the Kats when used with his jetkit).

    Good Luck!
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