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Choke cable

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  • Choke cable

    How hard is it to replace the choke cable on a 97 600 kat?

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    Its pretty simple,

    1. take off the fairings/gas tank to get to carbs
    2. locate the choke on ur carbs, it should be on a slide on the left side of carbs, remove that end
    3. Now all you do is take the left handlebar switch apart, there are 3 screws holding it on, be careful cuz one of the screws has a spring and a little plastic deal that come out with the screw, make sure to make a note of how it fits in there. once you get that done open the 2 halves of the switch and you will see the choke lever, remove the cable from that and it will come right out of the switch.
    4. Then just put it all back together the same way you took it off, make sure that you route the cable the same way as it was originally.


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      Don't even have to take the fairings all the way off . Just take the top three bolts out so you can slide the tank back , then turn it sideways across the top of the bike so you can get to the carbs . But yeah , one of the easiest repairs there is .
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        Be sure to route the cable across the center of the tank when reinstalling the tank... see for more details.

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