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  • Help! RPM Question

    I am trying to get my bike running correctly and good and i need everyones help.

    When I am cruising at about 3,000 3,500 RPM's and am coming up to a light i pull in the clutch and my RPM's Jump to 5,000.

    It's idles at 1,000 perfect if i can get it down there. If i am at idle and blip in a little up to about 2,500 or 3,000 it will then climb to 5,000 and stay there. and will SLOWLY go back down.

    It never did this untill someone told me that when i blip the throttle if it hangs a bit then goes down then i am running to lean and need ot turn out the pilot screw a quarter turn did that now this. Is it related or something else? HELP!

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    Brand new throttle cable. And Carbs have just been gone threw and cleaned.


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      Carbs still aren't fully clean, or the throttle cable is set with too much tension (or being pinched under the tank), choke cable sticking, or you have a vacuum leak (but if you did have a vacuum leak, it shouldn't sink back to the right spot).

      Run a 1/3rd of a bottle of techron through with the next tank of gas, and loosen up that throttle cable a bit.

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        Well I Figured It Out. All I Did Was Turn The Pilot Screw In Half A Turn. Runs Great!! Right Now They Are All 1 1/2 Turns Out!!! STOCK!!


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          You turned them IN and that fixed it ? Turning it in leans it out evem more , turning out it richens it .
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