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  • Size question

    Anyone know the diameter of the tube that comes off the valve cover and goes to the airbox? Im trying to put some pods on my carbs and need to know the size so I can order one of the breather deals for it, its a 98+ kat also if that makes any difference.

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    hmm all my girlfriends always said size doesn;t matter.. after they stopped laughing that is.
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      (A) Don't use a breather unless you've gone to a pod-style air filter set-up.
      (B) Don't go to a pod style air filter set-up on a 98+ Kat. There is no benefit without the full stage 3 conversion (complete aftermarket exhaust, stage 3 jetkit) and no one makes a stage 3 jetkit for the 98+ designed to work with them.
      (C) You can simply measure the openings to figure out the hose size. If you still have the air box, do not do this mod...


      Originally posted by The CyberPoet
      It goes like this:

      Every time your cylinder detonates, some of the fuel gets pushed against the walls (just a little tiny bit in most cases). As the piston sweeps up and down, it carries away that tiny bit and it falls with the oil down into the oil pan with the oil that carried it away.
      Once there, it heats up and turns back into a vapor again, which then rises to the top of the engine normally. To keep these vapors from building up to explosive quantities in the oil passages, the stock engine draws the vapors off the top of the valve covers back into the air box (through the vent tube between the valve covers and the airbox), to get recycled (burned off) my mixing with the inbound air going through the carbs. If too much fuel is ending up in the oil (such as a stuck carb float causing fuel to run into a cylinder when the bike is parked), the vapors will reliquify in the airbox (due to condensation from being cooled by the in-rushing air) instead of being drawn back into the carbs, and you end up with an airbox full of oily-fuel... One of the reasons the airbox has a drain tube (to let you drain out any build-up).

      Under certain set-ups that eliminate the airbox (the pod-filter set-up mentioned by MD86), there is no provision to route the vent gases back into the intake for the bike; in those situations, you place a breather filter on that opening on the valve covers to keep debris from falling in, and hope that it will vent sufficient vapors that spontaneous combustion in the oil galley won't occur.
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        I just went to an auto parts place and bought the biggest size rubber hose they had . Can't you just take the old one with you and say "I need some of this" ?
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          Cyber, I am putting a jet kit, aftermarket headers on along with a can, and pods, thats why I need the vent filter......according to Donmega's write up on jet kits I dont think I need the full stage 3, I should just be able to use the 120 mains and be ok, or by some sets of bigger mains from dennis kirk or another store, granted his write up isnt for 98+, but Im gonna go ahead and try it see how it works. Have you tried it and it didnt make for a good mod Cyber?

          MD, I still have the tube, I just need the diameter of the tube so I could oder the filter, which has different size nipples the go into the tube, I ddint want to order one that was like .25 in and need one that was .5 in thats all. I was at work and just needed to know at the time lol was bored and I was ordering the pods and figured I would just order the vent filter along with them. Anyway appreciate the help dudes


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            Originally posted by CoNViCT
            Have you tried it and it didnt make for a good mod Cyber?
            Nope, haven't tried it. Watching others do it over at KP (pre-KR) and then pound their heads into the wall for months on end before going back to airbox style filters was enough warning for me...

            Depending on which jetkit you go for, the pods may be useless anyway (see Ivan's 98-05 Kat 600 jetkit notes, where he says anything other than the OEM filter with his jetkit yields zero increase in HP, although you do have to rejet). Similarly, if you visit DynoJet's Carb Stage Explanation Page, you can read their take on it, which says "hey, if we don't offer a stage 2 or stage 3 kit for your bike, it's because we found there was no improvement over the stage 1 kit".

            I haven't tried the FactoryPro jetkit yet, but have used the K&N/DynoJet jetkit and the Ivan's and found the Ivan's to be head-and-shoulders better. Given that, and the repeated nightmare posts from people with pods (who keep saying it boils down to not being able to balance the carbs -- either they are way lean down low and OK in the upper RPM's or they are OK at idle, but way too rich in the upper RPM's -- and both foul plugs like crazy)...

            Good Luck with that!
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              Thanks for the info cyber, I changed my mind on the pods anyway, the headers I was going to get were micron but the can that came with them is shot, so I asked the price for a new can.....way to 400 for the one I wanted.... so think Ill just upgrade to some 750 headers get a reg k&n filter and go with that. I have a brand new v&h slipon I havent even put on my bike anyway.

              Anybody have 750 headers for sale?