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Spark Plug & Plug Wire Question

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  • Spark Plug & Plug Wire Question

    Wondering If Someone Could Tell Me Why My Spark Plugs Would Foul Regularly. Like Every Week. It's Not Running To Rich Because If You "Blip" The Trottle It Hangs Then Falls. So Its Running Lean. But Why Would My Plugs Foul? I Think It Is The Plug Wires Because I Just Replaced The Caps. Witch Leads Me To My Next Question.....

    I Went To Get New Spark Plugs Wires And They Where Asking If It Was 7mm Or 8mm And Wether It Was Wire Wound Or Something Else. So Can Someone Tell Me What Kind Of Spark Plug Wires I Need.

    Thanks Again For Everyones Helps.

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    Spark plugs foul because of a few basic reasons:
    Fuel-air mix too rich or too lean or both (you have different fueling circuits in the carbs, and you can be too lean at idle end, too rich in the mid-range, etc., at the same time).
    Excess oil getting past the valves and/or rings (oil fouling)
    Inconsistant or weak spark

    I would suggest you look at your fouled spark plugs and compare them to this NGK Spark Plug - Tip Fouling comparison chart. to help determine exactly what is causing the plugs to foul.

    When you start the bike, the plugs will foul some until the plugs come up to full operating temp -- at that point, the fouling should burn-off if the plug is in a good fuel-air mix at the right temp.
    Running the bike on choke for periods of more than 30 seconds at start up can easily foul your plugs up, and a sticking choke cable can often be the culprit of repeated fouling. If in doubt, disconnect your choke cable to test it.

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