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OEM Repair Manual Quality?

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  • suk750
    started a topic OEM Repair Manual Quality?

    OEM Repair Manual Quality?

    Hi all,
    I just received my new OEM service manual from “” I am astonished as to the poor quality of the photographs. Almost every photo in the manual is not decipherable. They’re basically too dark. Before I contact the supplier has anyone purchased a recent OEM manual and if so, how’s the photo quality? I’m beginning to think this is just a "cheazy" reproduction that cost me $60 . Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Guest replied
    Ok, I just got both the suzuki service manual and the haynes manual for 98+ kat600 about a week ago. Plenty of line art, pics seem to be ok, not the greatest (would probably be better to discern parts if in color).

    Haynes manual has greater detailed instructions for maintenance work. Pics are about the same, though just browsing through I'd say more pics than line art.

    Haven't used either to work on bike yet... waiting for the rest of the parts needed. Sorry don't have scanner or I could show examples, but to me the pics are decent, maybe a tad better in the Haynes.

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  • tzortn
    I bought a manual for my 2003 600 and I have been really impressed with it. When I get home will take another look to see if the pictures are dark, but I think there is a lot more line art instead of photos.

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