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Front Headlight how to change

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  • Front Headlight how to change

    My low beam went out this morning so I put on the high beam and then when i got to work I saw it was out too. So How do I change the headlight on my 96 kat 600. Looks like plastic has to come off of front but just want to make sure.
    Thanks all

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    On my old Kat (1988) which had a similar looking headlight to yours, you can change it from behind the front fairing/windshield with the forks turned all the way to one side. Remove the rubber boot, undo the retaining clip and then the socket will come out. That is what I remember, Hopefully someone will chime in and confirm or correct me!
    Good Luck!!


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      If both the highbeams and lowbeams went out at the same time, it might not be the bulbs that need replacing. Try checking the fuses to see if one of them blew. On my 99' Kat, I had the high and low beams go out at the same time and it turned out to be a blown TAILLIGHT fuse. Good luck!
      1999 Black Katana GSX-600F