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Back sproket looks a little warn

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  • Back sproket looks a little warn

    My back sproket looks a little warned, I thought my chain was loose because people always told me my chain moves up and down when im riding, when I measured it. It was within 1''-1.2''. So im guessing I just need a new sproket, are they hard to replace? Also whats the different stages of jet kits?

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    Roll the bike ahead a few inches, check the chain slack and repeat a few times. Could be you have a tight spot and that's were you just happened to measure it at that spot.

    If your gonna replace the sprocket , you might as well do both and the chain at the same time.


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      It is not only reccomended but a must to replace the sprocket'S and chain at the sametime.
      Yes to what Woobie said, check the chain tension in different places on the chain. Chain's have a normal tight spot. 1" is at the loose side of where it should be.
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