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Valve lock nut torque

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  • Valve lock nut torque

    Does anyone know the torque value for the valve lock nuts on a '00 Kat 750?

    I was chatting in the shout box earlier and Sinfulkat had said that they were about 15 ft-lbs, but I was just wondering if there was an 'official' torque spec for them. My Haynes manual does not list the torque for the lock nuts, just the valve cover bolts and such.

    Also, any tips on tightening the lock nuts without messing up your settings? While I was tinkering, I noticed that as I re-tightened the lock nut, it would change my clearance settings by .001in or so... I'm using the $5 Suzuki square tool thingy.

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    there definately is an art to tightening the lock nuts while not affecting the clearance and i have never mastered it so i always just try to compensate for the difference that the tightening makes and of course always re-measure afterwards. as far as a torque spec goes i am not sure you will find one except for maybe in a suzuki shop manual but more than likely not. if sinfulkat says 15 lb-ft then that is what i would go by..............
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      The only tip I have is to leave the feeler gauge in place when you tighten down the nut -- it should keep it from going under spec in terms of clearance (I keep one each under each of the valve pair, so any sea-sawing between the valves can't affect the measurement).

      As for a spec, I couldn't find one in the factory service manual either... odd. Use your good judgement, and remember we're talking about steel on steel, so it should be able take quite a bit of force without issue (15 lb-ft seems reasonable to me based on the nut size; probably won't fail under 32 lb-ft would be my guess).

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