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  • please help!!!!

    i have a 99 katana 600. could someone please give me a quick rundown on cleaning the carbs.i am having a hard time getting the bike to stay idling and it has been sitting for a while so i assume the carbs may be gunked up. i basically need to know what parts need to be cleaned because i dont have a service manual and the bike is tore down right now.thanks I'm kinda in a hurry!!!!

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    Are the carbs off already?

    First...'hurry' and carb tuning doesn't go together (especially since it's your first time)

    If the carbs are still on, I would drain the gas tank and fill it fresh with some techron so see if that would clear things up....then if it didn't I would go to a full carb cleaning.


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      the carbs are off and i have new gas in the tank. i just need to know what all needs to be cleaned inside the carbs. also which jet controls my air fuel ratio and where does it need to be set for stock settings


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        Wow , basically you'll need to take the bottom "float bowl" off , and all the stuff that's in there comes out . Then you'll need to take the top "diaphram cover" off and all the stuff that's in there out . Blow some carb or brake cleaner through pretty much EVERYTHING , making sure that all the little holes you can see (especially in the jets) are clear . Do one carb at a time so you don't mix up parts . Then buy a manual so you can figure out how to put it ll back together again ! Seriously , you WILL want that manual , and you WILL mess up or lose something if you try to hurry , ESPECIALLY if this is your first carb cleaning . But since they're already off , you COULD take them to a shop tp be done . Probably cost you 1.5-2 hours labor (ballpark $80-$100) .
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          i have already cleaned the carbs and put them back together and i didn't find it that hard since i work on cars for a living( i've never worked on an ything that is carbureted though). I just want to know if there are any adjustments that need to be made to any jets before the carbs go back on the bike. Also, when i had the carbs apart they didn't look that dirty.