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Quick fix for carbs that start leaking out of nowhere

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  • Quick fix for carbs that start leaking out of nowhere

    Ok lets say your riding along and all the sudden the bike starts running like shit.
    Your stalling out left and right and when you put the petcock on prime its leaking fuel.

    You know your float needles are good and float heights are correct.

    Heres what most likely happened, you got some dirty gas or something in the tank finally made its way to the top of the float needle, or more then one float needle.
    Its now lodged there because there is pressure on the float needle from gas in the float bowls and there will always be pressure because with the needle not closing its causing more gas to come in and more pressure to be applied.
    Yes its a vicious cycle I know.

    Heres something to try before you rip the bike down and start fuckin with the carbs.

    This only works in certian conditions, first you need to let the bike sit for around 24hrs with the petcock on run like normal.
    The weather has to be fairly hot outside and make sure the bike is parked where it will get some sun.

    What this will do is cause some of the gas to evaporate out of the float bowls allowing the floats to drop and the pressure to back off the needle.

    Then go out and slowly rock the bike back and forth then a little faster, now turn the petcock to prime and hopefully this will wash whatever was on the tip off before the level raises enough to reapply pressure.

    Most of the time this will work if your needles are good and hieghts are correct.

    I had to do this several times with my last bike and once already with this bike, sure beats ripping into the carbs though.

    Good luck and Ride Hard

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    yeha i hate that thats why i run 3 fuel filters inline to help catch all the crude


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      3 thats crazy, none of those for me


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        Make sure to check your tank for rust as well (often the culprit). If you find rust, here's how to deal with it:

        CyberPoet's "How to deal with rust in your motorcycle gas tank" -- at, American-made security ground anchors for motorcycles

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