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Alarm / Wiring question....

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  • Alarm / Wiring question....

    I'm in the process of installing my viper alarm right now on the katana (2005)... got everything hooked up except the parking light flash.... is there a wire somewhere to tap that will flash either all 4 turn signals at the same time or that will flash the rear running lights and the front little light? I would hate to have to use some resistors or something to flash the turn signals...

    Is there a wire somewhere that turns the headlights on when the ignition is in the on position that I could tap relatively easily (preferably thats in the under seat area rather then the front area so I don't have to run another wire up front)?

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    most of the alarms ive put on bike were designed for bikes and come with 2 parking light wires and you hook one on the left side and one to the right side im not sure exactly how to make them flash using the viper alarm which alarm is it model number ??? give em that and ill go out and play in the garage with a few other bikes ive got and shee how i can do it and get back to you.

    oh wait you got an 05 i think they put 4 way flashers on that do you have a 4 way emergency flasher button on it ?? if so trace the wire back to the flasher unit and tap into that one i believe. if not let me do some tinkering ill figure it out.


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      My Viper flashes only the tail light.
      Bike is sold