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  • Chain replacement

    I know, another newbie question. I am really appreciative for all the response and help. Well, my questions are: 1. I am going to replace my sprockets and chain on my 96 750 Kat. I know you have to take off the swing arm (which looks like a pain in the A&^%$!), but is it maybe possible to buy a chain in the same length and then purchase a chain tool to press the rivets together so as to avoid having to take apart the swing arm? Or what do you all recommend? I want to go the easiest route of course. Also, has anyone ever used a master link chain in their Kat. I know the company does not recommend this for obvious reasons, but I had to ask. Any help is appreciated.

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    Rivet-style chain and chain tool is the preferred method most of us use, simply because it's effective, efficient and reasonably quick (beat the heck out of removing the swing-arm).

    If a continuous chain is 100% of the theoretical chain strenght, then a rivet-style chain installed correctly will be about 95% of that strength (5% loss at the rivet link), and a master link chain will be about 70% of that strength. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. I'm willing to live with the 5% loss for the convenience of not removing the swing-arm.

    Remember to inspect your sprockets and replace them as well if there is any signs of wear (usually the case by the time a chain needs replacement).

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