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Can someone tell me whats going on with my clutch?

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  • Can someone tell me whats going on with my clutch?

    I took the cover off the clutch, where the lever sits, now I can change gears without pulling in the clutch. Can some tell me how to adjust this problem.

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    Because a motorcycle uses a sequential gearbox, you have always been able to change gears without use of a clutch, although the practice is not recommended for certain shifts (such as shifting from neutral into 1st, nor downshifting in the lower three gears, for example), nor for newer riders (where the poetry in motion of matching RPM's, unloading the throttle, and shifting really need to be smooth to do it properly).

    As long as the clutch lever works, use it... if your clutch ever fails, force the gears to do what you need them to inorder to come to a safe stop somewhere where you can park the bike.

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      I rarely use the clutch myself when just cruising. Sometimes I get a lil bump when upshifting if im not paying attention to my current throttle posistion and rpm.