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    First off I want to tell everyone thank you for all the help you have given me up to this point. You have helped with Carbs, LEDs, Everything! Thank You

    I have a 1989 Katana 600

    Right now i get about 30 Miles to the gallon. Is this normal? I always thought street bikes get good gas millage. Maybe I am wrong. But....

    When I am riding if I am in 4th gear at 7 grand if I shift up it goes to like 6 grand. When riding in 5th on the freeway doing 90 I am at like 9.5 grand. Is all this correct? The gears seem very close to me. But I am not a bike mechanic.

    Once again I am looking to you all for help. If this is all normal and you are suppose to get about 30 Miles to the gallon, can you help me make it better? Can I change sprockets to get it better. I just want to be able to cruise and get 50 miles to the gallon. I dont care how fast it is. Thanks again for everyones help you guys are the best!!!

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    That sounds about right to me as far as engine speed goes. If you have any jet work done, that's going to drop your mileage quite a bit. I got 51 on mine before the jet kit, now I'm in the low 30's if that. The only way you're going to get your engine speed down on the highway it to drop teeth off the rear sproket and/or add them in the front. That will make you turn less RPM at 65 for example. BUT.... You're going to lose a lot of acceleration in doing so, but your top end speed will be higher.


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      Well , if you fill out your ride profile , that'd help some of us out . Yeah , jetting takes a bit out of ya , and so do sprocket changes . On a good day I get MAYBE mid-30's , and I've heard alot of other people say the same .
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        Well First Of All. Thanks! But I do not have a jet kit on the bike. I just went threw the carbs and I put all stock size jets in it. And If i wanted to go to a lower tooth rear sprocket how small should i go? Would 40 teeth be good? The stock ones are 46 Correct? I dont care about fast off the line I mostly use the bike to get to and from work and it is all freeway and I want to be able to cruise. Fast off the line does not matter to me. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!


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          don't 89's have 6th gear?

          On my 90' if i keep it around 5K rpm it'll be about 105kph in 6th(stock setup) and decent milage in the 40'ish mpg (17kpl+) range. 8)

          a 16/40(assuming that's even possible) would be about 30% increase ~137 kph and 14/40 about 15% ~120kph
          Might be possible to get 70mpg with such a setup, but i'd hate to ride it

          Or maybe you should try a bike with an engine that isn't built on a sportbike design
          -= Har du styr på lortet, eller lort på styret? =-


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            I Just picked up a rear sprocket with 42 teeth. I think that is about what i want to do cause my'n had 46 teeth. What size do you think i should do in the front?