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tensioner spring and exhaust gasket question

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  • tensioner spring and exhaust gasket question

    Hi all,
    In my quest to quiet my bike, I figured at 23k miles it's probably time to replace the tensioner spring. I ordered the spring and all associated tensioner gaskets from bikebandit. A couple days ago it came in and yippee I got everything except the spring which was backordered. It said something about them not having any in the North American warehouses or whatever.
    Anyways I pull the tensioner off to see what's going on. Not a speck of dirt ANYWHERE. Everything is nice and clean, and the spring looks like a.... well a spring. It is straight, isn't bent, but I have no idea if it's fatigued. I have nothing to compare it to, so I don't know if it's bad. I'm pretty sure it's the original so I'd like to replace it anyways having 23k miles. Does anyone know the part # for that on a '95 600? I'm looking at ronayers and bikebandit microfiche, but I'm not so sure if that's the suzuki number.

    Also...I have noticed that on my yoshi headers, I have no exhaust gaskets. The stock 600's had gaskets, and the 750's don't according to bikebandit. Mine's a 600 with what appears to be the larger 750 header. I can almost feel the exhaust leaks around the top of the headers.... am I supposed to have gaskets? any ideas? :-k
    '01 TL1000R

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    Yes you are suposed to have gaskets.
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      awesome, I'll go ahead and order some for a 750, I'll assume my larger yoshi pipes are equivalent to a 750's.
      '01 TL1000R


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        The part numbers on those fiche sites usually aren't the suzuki numbers . I found them once before on some salvage site , but I don't think I'd remember where to look (kinda stumbled on it) . But it IS out there if you look ....
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