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would different bike rims fit a 98 katana

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  • would different bike rims fit a 98 katana

    i recently damaged both my front and back rims on my 98 katana so i need to pick up another pair. but before i head to the salvage yard i wanted to know can i use a diffrent bikes rims like bandit, **gsxr** there is more wrecked gixxsers in the salage yard then katana's " i wonder why" so the guy quoted me cheaper prices over the phone for wheels off bikes that he had a lot off. like 550 for a complete set from a 2000 katana compared to 320 for a complete set from a 99 gisxxer.
    also what do the tooth count on rear sprocket do what happens if you put a sprocket with more teeth on and vice versa.
    thanks any help would be great

    if you guys would like i'll post what a katana rim looks like after clipping a 3" metal plate at 70 mph

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    Oh do please........

    there are sick minds here that would love to see.........heeheeeee Like me.

    it's my opinion......that's what makes it mine..

    Toronto Canada that is