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Need help with carbs

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  • Need help with carbs

    I have a D&D slip-on and a k&N filter.
    I know I have to rejet the carbs but I dont know what size jets to use.
    I dont have the money to buy the whole kit right now so i was going to get some jets from or to get me by for now.

    THanks guys

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    when you do a jet kit its not just the jets, its the needles, its the slide compensators its the lil plastic "donut" its spacers its springs, i wouldnt just do the jet, you may get it to work but i wouldnt waste your time


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      A lot of times when dealers put in jet kits, all they do is the jets (ask Thom about that). Upping the jet size slightly shouldn't be a problem at all, its not like going a full stage 3, then you would defiantely need the needles and springs. And actually, you can clip a few links outa the stock springs to compensate for that.
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        So what could i do right now just to get by with out buy a whole kit? And if so what size?



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          For a slip-on and a K&N ? You still have the airbox , or did you get pods ? If it's a slip-on w/airbox , MAYBE up a jet size , turn the pilot screws out 1/8- 1/4 . Possibly shim the needles . But you usually don't need a complete rejet just for a slip-on .
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            I have a D&D slip-on, K&N airfilter with airbox i know about turning the pilot screw 1/8 - 1/4 of a turn.

            I was reading the directions at DynoJet and they say to use the #120 main jet with my setup.

            (Newbie Question) What is the difference between the Stage 1, 2 and 3?

            Does anyone have some #120 main jets and some shims they want to get rid of?

            Thanks guys


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              Shims are just little electrical-type washers from radio shack . REALLY little thin ones , basically . And jets can be had pretty much anywhere for less than $20 a set . Special K sells them for like $12 a set . So does . Stage 1 jetting and stage 3 jetting (no stage 2 ) are pretty different . Basically stage 3 delivers ALOT more fuel for those bikes that need it . YOU do not .
              I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

              Katrider's rally 2011 - md86


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                Ok Thanks