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  • Smoke and more smoke

    Allright... My 97 600 was fludding out real bad. When i came to it one night from work it had a huge puddle and was leaking gas from the pipe so some gas found its way into the oil. I Cleaned the carbs real good and replaced all the orings now it is throwing white smoke and pops quite a bit. Did the oil get so contaminated that it is making it do this or do i have blown rings or something now?

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    Stuck float....
    Pull the carbs and clean 'em..

    Are you sure gas is leaking from the pipe??
    There is a moisture weep hole in the bottom of the can..
    Water (sometimes a lot!!) can drip from there..


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      If you didn't change the oil, change the oil, including dumping the contents of the oil cooler. Also drain the airbox.

      If it still burns smoke afterwards, do a compression check.

      Good Luck!
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        I know for a fact that there is no stuck float have takin the carbs off 4 times now and have gone throu 8 cans of carb cleaner... yeah i know allot but there clean and i know that. And no i do not for for SURE that it was leaking from the pipe but right at the mid pipe it was driping GAS tryed to trace it to see if it was running down from somwhere but the carbs and every thing was dry so i just guessed thats where it was coming from. I am going to do a full oil change in the morning and give it a good hard run and see how it rides.


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          you could have gotten alot of gas in the oil and that can cause a smoke out, possibly. I would have changed the oil along with checking carbs. let us know how it works out for you.
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            WHITE smoke ? Gas would be black , and oil would be bluish , but white is water . But since it's got no water in the bike (normally) :-k ..... Change the plugs while you're changing everything else . Got an airbox on there still ? If so , I'd drain that , too .
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              It has brand new plugs in it and i just changed the oil and took it for a hard ride all went great no flooding and no smoke. But i must have pintched one of my inline filters b/c when i was about 3 miles from my house i started to feel my leg get wet looked down and ther was gas shooting every where so shifted down and gund it all the way home. Now i just need a new filter and it SHOULD! be all good. Thanks for the replys!


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                Originally posted by Nakedrider
                ...when i was about 3 miles from my house i started to feel my leg get wet looked down and ther was gas shooting every where so shifted down and gund it all the way home.
                Don't know how old your fuel lines are, but if they're four years old or more, replace them for peace of mind.

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