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Pre98 Jet kit question

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  • Pre98 Jet kit question

    Sorry if this has been addressed but:
    I have a 90 Kat 600. V&H exhaust, K&N air filter, +1R -1F sprockets and the stage 1 dynojet kit. Heres my random issue: If I am in the 4000 rpm range and romp on the gas i bogs out. just gurgles alot and i have to down shift to get passed it. If I am below this, say 3400 and hit the gas it will accelerate smoothly on past the 4k range and anything starting above the 4000ish range is fine to pull the throttle and go.
    I dont normally have my RPMs there but sometimes when I am out cruising or slow down quick because of unforeseen issues when I need to accelrate out of them I get the bog issue and it hit me in a curve last weekend and bog out or downshifting in a curve both suck. (this is not an issue in 1st!!)
    Question is has anyone else had this problem? I assume I need to go back in and change the slide position as i think I am dumping to much fuel in at theat range. My roommate is very mechanically inclined but I was hoping someone with a Kat has heard/seen/dealt with this or maybe can you let me know what your sizes and settings are and when we bust mine open i can see if those settings help as a starting point...

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    Try to find the throttle positions its happening in and that will help figure out exacly where the problem is in the carbs

    These carbs are broken up into a few sections that are dependant on throttle position.

    throttle sections go

    1/2-3/4 or full


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        My motor is the same as yours, but with D&D instead of V&H exhaust. I had to go with a stage 3 on my jet kit to get it to run properly. You lose a bunch of gas mileage, but you don't run the risk of running too lean and burning your engine up. All the stage 3 consists of id a bigger main jet and the same needle that's used with the stage 1 from dynomax. Put the clip on the 3rd ring on the needle and you should be good.