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putting a new engine in my 93 600 katana

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  • putting a new engine in my 93 600 katana

    alright im putting a new 600cc engine in my 1993 katana what is the first step in taking to fix up this old bike.

    now i am looking at a 1997 engine to put in it i am just woundering if it will fit and work alright in it? i figured i would go newer and with less miles to help the life of my bike..


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    as long as its the same CC and a pre 98 you should be all set


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      sweetness that will work great then.. appreciate your help


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        it doesnt have to be the same cc or a pre 98. If you can find one, go with a post 98 engine. The pre 98's have the infamous 2nd gear problem. The 98+ will fit right in with no problems and this would be a great time for you to bolt in a 750. Talk to Special K he always has a few "extra" engines just laying around.
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          thanks alot once agin.. this is a nice community i must say... helpfull one atleast..

          i would like to stay 600 but i could always get the 750 and avoid wanting the more power that i already am dreading for grrr...


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            yea but if you stay pre 98 i believe they have a different cpu then the 98+'s so if he stays exactly the same he wont have to wonder about any wire or computer issues as far as a spark signal


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              I didn't change the CPU out when I put the 1100 in my kat 750, and I havehad no problems what so ever.
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                Shoot I built a 98+ 771 frankenmotor and I'm still using the 2002 CDI. All he really might need to change is the signal generator from his current 93 600 and put it in the 98+ motor.


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                  I bought a 98+ for my 93 from Special K. Had no problems putting it in. Just use your carbs, starter, alternator and electronics from you old bike and you should have no problems.
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