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  • Washers.....

    I'm picking up a V&H 4 into 1 exhaust system tomorrow. I was told that I could put a .030" to .035" washer under the stock main jets to act as spacers to take care of the bike running too lean with the aftermarket exhaust. Does this sound okay or should I just purchase a jet kit?


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    Are you going from stock to the full system? If so...sorry to will require more than just the spacers under the needle clips.
    The needles are only 1 circuit in the carbs. The full system will flow more air through all carb circuits therfore all jets need to be altered.
    Jet kit recommended.

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      Washers under the needles to raise them a bit, but you most likely will need new jets. you can get 4 new jets for like $13 bucks through Dennis Kirk. They sell them in pairs of 2 for like $6 bucks each.
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        I'm clueless to this stuff. Is there a standard size of jet I should look for? I've seen different stage jet kits. Is there a certain brand that I should look for? Is there somewhere on the net that I can get more information on this?



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          Getting a jet kit would be the easiest soloutin , though a bit costly . They have a stage one kit , which is probably what you'll want . OR you COULD try shimming the needles like the one guy said , then changing the main jet until you find the right size (it's a trial and error thing) , AND drill out the EPA plugs to get to the pilot screws so you can reset those , which you'd have to do for a jet kit anyway . Yeah , just shimming the needles ain't gonna cut it , you'll have to do ALOT more than that . At least with the jet kit they'll give you instructions on how to choose jets and settings , and provide tech support and one free dyno run , usually .
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