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timeing chain question

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  • timeing chain question

    i have been having engine problems and many of you sugested the timeing chain as being the source of the problem now here is a stupid question, Where is the timeing chain located on a 98 Kat 750 and how do i adjust it? "I probable need step by step instructions"

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    timeing chain question

    its under the valve cover thats where the chain is and i may be wrong i dont think you can adjust the timing chain to my knowledge you set the timing from the marks on signal genrator


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      Before you go diging under the valve covers I'd try checking the compression.

      Do a dry check and then a wet check.
      Wet check - squirt a tablespoon of oil in the cylinder then check compression again...after the dry check.
      The wet check will help seal the rings and gives an indication of how the valves are.
      There should not be a large difference in the dry/wet test.
      Check each spark plug for spark.
      It sounds like you've lost either compression or spark in one of you cylinders.
      You menitioned that each header pipe is hot at idle but if you have a weak coil you may loose spark under load.

      Get back to us with anymore info and we'll be glad to help.
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