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Work done So far and still to come

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  • Work done So far and still to come

    Well I got the plug wires done over at a friends house but when I went to change the plugs the socket wasnt thin enough.

    So I had to go to my buddy's where all my tools are to get my tools so I would have a thinner wall 18mm.

    Before I did that I remembered I had another hyper white headlight bulb since I only needed 1 for my last bike and they come in 2's
    Sure enough it was the right size and is now installed, YAY no more yellow headlight

    I took out the old plugs and to my surprise they where split fires, WTF????

    Who installs that crap ? Ah well no more of that, NGK's only for me.

    Also cleaned the 1 & 2 carbs and now the bike is back to running like a champ but when I pulled the tank off the fuel sender wires cought on fire because the asshat that owned the bike before me thinks wire can just be left bare all over the place and nuthing will happen.

    So my bike reads full all the time now, dont know if the fuel gauge is smoked, the sender is smoked, or if theres a wire grounding somewhere.

    I let my buddy dan ride my bike and it was first time EVER on a bike and sure enough he dumped it turning around in someone's driveway.
    i didnt care because he's the one that does all my paint jobs professionally and the paint on the bike right now looks like garbage so a new paint job was already planned and he knows the lower fairings are all him now that theres some nice new scratches on them.

    Kinda dont get it since my first bike was an old 900 and I never dropped it, ok I did once because my gf jumped off the back before I even had my feet on the ground.

    About next weekend heres the plan

    Rebuild carbs
    install k&n individual pod filters
    install stage 1 jet kit and play for a day to decide which mains to run
    install gsx-r mirrors
    install new rear brake pads
    Install fender eliminator
    rewrap the whole main harness and any other bad connections

    That should keep me busy for a day

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    Let me be the first!

    it's my opinion......that's what makes it mine..

    Toronto Canada that is


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      You wanna see pics of my old plugs ????

      LOL I gotta take some pics today so you guys can see my rear end chop and how clean I got the pos.

      Just ordered $600 worth of stuff too so ill be taking some pics while im modding.