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i need some carb numbers and help

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  • i need some carb numbers and help

    so i bought this carb setup that supposidly has a jet kit in it. i tried researching through this website to find out if i have it or not. an di got some bits and pieces but not the whole thing. i want to put this in tomorrow but i want everything to be right. so going through my "stock carbs" it has a needle with 5 notches but the main jet is 112.5

    this one with a jet kit came without the main support and looked like it was pieced together. the main jet is 122.5 but the needle has one notch and has a 104 needle.

    so whats the deal with this? did someone switch the stock around with the needle and someone didnt do the stage 3 one right???

    any help in identifying would be much appreciated.

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    ok just pulled out the pilot jet and its marked 32.5 on both.. should i just pull the 122.5 jets out of the new one and put it in my stock since its in better shape. and my guess has the aftermarket needles..

    ok i am giving up because i have searched everything pulled the carbs mostly apart and put them back together and i really cant find that much or tell since i have no clue what to look for. so now i have to wait for someone to answer me. for now i give up.


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      The needle should have about 5 positions on it. Even if it is a stage 1.

      Read this for info on the difference size main jets that came with the kat stage 1 and stage 3 jet kit.

      These are for a 88-89 600 which is what your profile says you have.


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        yeah my ride is an 88 however i put a 97 engine in it, i also found that same page for the one that i have.

        i read that something has to be drilled where should it be drilled? i am assuming that there is no pilot jet that needs to be replaced.


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          You have to drill out the caps that go over the air/fuel mixture screws. They cover them so you can't mess with them (Something about emissions). pretty easy to do though.
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            okay i am an idiot i over thought everything and made it harder than it was... but by the looks of it i just spent the extra money on something a guy went out and put new jets in and that it.... but the good new is i do believe the stock carbs have the right needles i think. but if someone could tell me what needles i should have that would be great.